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Terms and Conditions

  1. Free Audible credits will only be used to gift audiobooks published by Islamic Audiobooks Central. The winners may select any of our audiobooks listed on Audible at that time.
  2. This offer is for Audible members with an active account even if their plan is expired.
  3. Audible account email address and Audible Listener Page link required.*
  4. Honest reviews appreciated – more likely to be considered for future giveaways and offers.
  5. The code will be redeemable for the duration specified in the email message from Audible.
  6. After receiving the code, the winners will have 48 hours or more to redeem it – then the audiobook will always be available in their account.
  7. If the number of entries exceed the number of credits available, the most suitable participants will be selected.
  8. Entering the giveaway does not automatically give the participant the right to a free credit or code.
  9. Gift codes/credits can only be redeemed on the Audible US marketplace. If the winner has an account for example, they can use the same credentials to log in to and redeem their gift.

*This information will be used to verify your suitability, send you the Audible gift code and sign you up to our very occasional emails. Every email has an unsubscribe link.

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