Breakthrough of a Mind

Ahmed IbrahimIntroduction
Ahmed IbrahimChapter 1: The Nature and Properties of the Evidence
Ahmed IbrahimChapter 2: The Evidence of Causality
Ahmed IbrahimChapter 3: The Evidence of Perfection, Precision and Provision
Ahmed IbrahimChapter 4: The Attributes of the Creator
Ahmed IbrahimChapter 5: Why Islam?
Ahmed IbrahimChapter 6: Post-Evidence Phase

Many are the minds that have been leading humanity in the various roads of knowledge for decades. However, since these roads can lead to good as well as great evil, every intelligent person should examine this knowledge in the light of sound reason and solid foundations to decide whether it is in accordance with the integrity of both mind and intuition or is contradictory and destructive.

In this audiobook, Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim takes us on a journey through various evidences of faith to answer the scientific and intellectual arguments of sceptics and atheists. This he executes in a unique style that combines skilful presentation, thorough referencing, strong logic and vast scientific knowledge of biology, physics, and mathematics. In addition, the author being well-acquainted with evolutionary theory, expounds on one of its biggest weak points, the tragedy of the commons.



  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Nature and Properties of the Evidence for the Existence of a Creator
  • Chapter 2: The Evidence of Causality
  • Chapter 3: The Evidence of Perfection, Precision and Provision
  • Chapter 4: The Attributes of the Creator and their Requisites
  • Chapter 5: Why Islam?
  • Chapter 6: Post-Evidence Phase


Please take note that the narrator regretfully mispronounces the word “causality” and reads it as “casualty” throughout the audiobook. This is one of the audiobooks that we distribute and have not recorded and published ourselves.

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اختراق عقل: دلائل الإيمان في مواجهة شبهات الملحدين والمتشككين

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