Children’s Questions About Faith

Abdullah ArrakfIntroduction
Abdullah Arrakf1 Essentials of Nurturing Faith
Abdullah Arrakf2 Nurturing Faith in Children
Abdullah Arrakf3 Teaching the Pillars of Faith
Abdullah Arrakf4 How to Answer Children's Questions
Abdullah Arrakf5 Questions Related to Allah
Abdullah Arrakf6 Questions on Angels, Scripture, Prophets
Abdullah Arrakf7 Questions on the Afterlife and Destiny
Abdullah ArrakfConclusion

This audiobook is directed to Muslim parents and teachers devoted to teaching children the faith (eemaan/aqeedah) in this time of globalization and unlimited access through technology to all that is confusing and contradictory to the Islamic creed.

This book is divided into two sections. The first section provides educators with the most important faith-related information they need to teach kids. The second part provides effective techniques and core principles that need to be utilized while responding to questions children might ask about faith. Both sections complement one another.



  • Introduction
  • The Definition, Tools and Essentials of Nurturing Faith
    • Definition of Nurturing
    • Raising Children in Islam
    • Nurturing Faith is a Necessity
    • The Goals of Islamic Education
    • The Essential Dimensions of Nurturing faith
    • Examples of Nurturing Faith
  • Nurturing Faith for Children
    • The Development of Faith in Children
    • The Benefits of Nurturing Faith
    • The Cornerstones of Faith Nurturing
    • Educational Techniques for Teaching Faith during Early, Middle and Late Childhood
    • Important Educational Tools to Ingrain Faith in Children
    • Important traits parents should embrace as they teach their children about faith
  • Understanding and Teaching the Pillars of Faith
    • The First Pillar: Belief in Allah
    • The Second Pillar: Belief in Angels
    • The Third Pillar: Belief in Scripture
    • The fourth Pillar: Belief in the Messengers
    • The Fifth Pillar: Belief in the Hereafter (Afterlife/Life after death)
    • The Sixth Pillar: Belief in Destiny (Predestination/Qadar)
  • Introduction on How to Answer Children’s Questions
    • Reasons Why Children Ask so Many Questions
    • Nature of Children’s Questions
    • Types of Questions in Children
    • Why Do Parents Ignore Children’s Questions?
    • How Should Parents Deal with Children’s Questions about Faith?
    • When Answering Questions, parents should uphold the basic principles
    • Education Through Conversation
    • Phrases for Conversation Questions
    • Ways to Answer Children’s Questions
    • General Instructions to Consider When Answering Children
    • Mistakes Committed While Answering Children’s Questions
  • Practical Examples on How to Answer Children’s Faith-Based Questions
    • Questions related to Allah
      • Who is Allaah
      • How does Allah look like?
      • Who created God (Allah)?
      • Is Allah male or female?
      • How do we know God (Allah) exists?
      • Does Allah hear, see and talk?
      • Does Allah get hungry and thirsty?
      • How powerful is Allah?
      • Where is Allah? How Big is He?
      • How come Allah sees us but we do not see Him?
      • How can Allah see so many people?
      • Does Allah see people in the dark? How does Allah see us when at home with the doors and windows shut?
      • Why can’t Allah die?
      • Does God (Allah) love me?
    • Questions related to Angels
      • Who are the angels? What do they look like?
      • What are the names of angels?
      • Why did Allah create angels?
      • Why can’t we see angels?
      • Who are the jinn?
      • Who is stronger: anegls or jinn?
      • Do angels die?
    • Questions related to Scriptures
      • What are the scriptures?
      • Who do we need the Quran? Why is it a miracle?
      • Why didn’t Allah protect the previous Books from alteration?
      • What is the evidence that proves that the Quran is not altered?
    • Questions related to Messengers
      • Who are the prophets and messengers and why did Allah send them?
      • Can prophets make mistakes?
      • Who is Muhammad ﷺ?
      • What is the proof of Muhammad’s honesty?
      • How did the Messenger ﷺ ascend to Heaven in one night?
      • Why is Muhammad ﷺ the final prophet?
      • Why are we required to the love the Prophet ﷺ?
    • Questions related to the Hereafter
      • What is the Judgement Day?
      • When is the Day of Resurrection? Why did Allah hide that Day from us?
      • What is the Day of Accountability?
      • What is death?
      • What happens to children after the die?
      • What happens in the grave after death?
      • Can a dead person hear and see us? How does a dead person breathe under the soil? Does he eat, drink and sleep?
      • What is paradise and what is in it?
      • What is hellfire and why did Allah create it?
      • What happens to animals after they die? Wil they go to paradise or hellfire?
    • Questions related to Destiny
      • What does fate and destiny mean?
      • How does Allah know what will happen before it happens?
      • Are we destined to do things or do we have a choice?
      • Why did Allah guide some people and did not guide others?
      • Why does Allah punish those who sin when He has already written that they will sin?
      • Why did Allah create us? What is the origin of the universe? Why did Allah create animals?
      • Is Allah going to punish people who did not get any messengers?
      • Why does evil exist?
      • Why did Allah create evil people?
      • Why did Allah create some people with disabilities or mutations?
      • Why are there rich and poor people?
      • Why do some evil people appear to have been given everything while some good people have nothing?
      • Why do we get sick? Why do calamities happen to people?
      • Why did Allah create harmful animals and insects?
      • Why do we have to pray five times a day?
      • Why didn’t Allah answer my prayer?
      • Why am I not as pretty as my friend?
      • If God (Allah) loves us, why do bad things happen to us?
  • Conclusion

About the Author

Shaykh Dr. Abdullah ibn Hamad Arrakf is an Islamic Studies researcher.

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