Clear Your Doubts About Islam: 50 Answers to Common Questions

Umm MuhammadOpening Credits
Umm MuhammadForeword
Umm MuhammadChapter 1: General Questions
Umm MuhammadChapter 2: Religious Beliefs
Umm MuhammadChapter 3: Prophets and Scriptures
Umm MuhammadChapter 4: Legislation
Umm MuhammadChapter 5: Social and Family Issues
Umm MuhammadChapter 6: Warfare and Terrorism
Umm MuhammadConclusion
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Information is a source of assurance and a bridge to tolerance and understanding. This audiobook provides concise yet comprehensive answers to questions most often raised about Islam by non-Muslims. It corrects much of the misinformation currently being spread in a clear, logical and insightful manner. Questions discussed include:

  • Don’t all world religions have similar objectives?
  • Do Muslims worship God or Allaah?
  • What is the purpose of worship and why should people worship at all?
  • Why only one God?
  • How do you know there is life after death?
  • How does the Qur’aan differ from other scriptures?
  • Why would someone be a Muslim?
  • Are there sects in Islam?
  • Didn’t Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم write the Qur’aan or borrow from earlier scriptures?
  • What does Islam say about Jesus?
  • What is Sharee’ah (Shari’ah/Sharia)?
  • Why are alcohol and pork prohibited?
  • Why does Islam opposes homosexuality?
  • Doesn’t Islam oppress women?
  • Doesn’t Islam promote terrorism?
  • Why is so much of the Muslim word underdeveloped?
  • How can a Muslim be happy?



  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1: General Questions About Islam
  • Chapter 2: Religious Beliefs
  • Chapter 3: Prophets and Scriptures
  • Chapter 4: Legislation
  • Chapter 5: Social and Family Issues
  • Chapter 6: Warfare and Terrorism
  • Conclusion

About the Author

Umm Muhammad is an Islamic author who is well known across the globe. Hailing from southern California, she grew up in a family of atheists but became a Muslim after her open minded study of Arabic and Islam. Her published works number over eighty including one of the most widely circulated English translations of the Qur’aan, a collaborative effort with co-authors Mary M. Kennedy and Amatullah J. Bantley under the brand Saheeh International.

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