Is There a True Religion?

Bilal PhilipsIs There a True Religion?

Does it matter what I believe, as long as I sincerely believe it? Is there a problem for me in case I happen to be wrong? Most religions claim that their ideas about God and salvation are the truth. They cannot be all be correct since each claims that the others are wrong!

Religious concepts are usually instilled in us by our parents and others from a young age. In that case, how do we judge whether the beliefs taught to us are true?

This book answers these questions and others based on the universally accepted authorities of common sense and objective evidence. The author is a Jamaican-born scholar Dr. Bilal Philips who draws on his firsthand knowledge and experience as a result of journeying between three entirely different belief systems.


  1. Is There a God?
  2. Did God Communicate with Humans?
  3. Are All Religions Correct?
  4. Is There a Need for Religion?
  5. Should Religion be Chosen or Inherited?
  6. Objective Criteria for Determining the Right Religion
  7. What Every Human Being Owes to Himself/Herself

About the Author

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is a Jamaican Canadian Islamic Scholar who accepted Islam after journeying politically and intellectually from Christianity to Communism. His desire to seek in-depth knowledge has taken him to Madinah, Riyadh and the UK, where he completed his BA, MA and PhD in Islamic Theology. Considered one of the most influential English-speaking scholars today, he is the founder and chancellor of Islamic Online University with over 100,000 students from 207 countries.

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