Renounce Your Atheism

Haitham TalaatRenounce You Atheism - Intro
Haitham TalaatRenounce You Atheism - Part 1
Haitham TalaatRenounce You Atheism - Part 2
Haitham TalaatRenounce You Atheism - Epilogue

This book seeks to provide answers to the most important atheistic questions according to common sense and scientific evidence.



  • Part 1
    • Atheism defined
    • Proofs the existence of a creator
    • Darwinism and evolution
    • The Problem of evil and suffering
    • The reason and purpose behind creation
    • Materialistic theories about the origin of the universe and life
    • Chance and coincidence
    • The law of causality
    • Multiple creators
    • The need for religion
    • Religion and morality
    • Islam and other faiths
    • Doubts about Islam
  • Part 2
    • Is Atheism a religion?
    • The degree of faith Atheism requires
    • The problem of evil and evildoers revisited
    • Religion and wars
    • Islam, jihad and slavery
    • Hudood punishments in Islamic Law
    • Questions that have stumped atheists
    • If Islam is true, why are Muslims lagging behind the West?
    • Proofs of Muhammad’s prophethood صلى الله عليه وسلم
    • Evidences of the Qur’aan being the true word of God
    • Deism
    • Da’wah advice for Muslims to combat atheism

About the Author

Haitham Talaat Suroor is the author of several books challenging atheism.

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تخلص من إلحادك


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