The Global Messenger

Umm MuhammadOpening Credits
Umm MuhammadForeword
Umm MuhammadGeneral Introduction
Umm MuhammadChapter 1: Transparent Personality
Umm MuhammadChapter 2: Before Prophethood
Umm MuhammadChapter 3: The Makkan Period
Umm MuhammadChapter 4: The Madinan Period
Umm MuhammadChapter 5: End of the Madinan Period
Umm MuhammadChapter 6: Aspects of the Prophet’s Sunnah
Umm MuhammadChapter 7: In the Realm of Belief
Umm MuhammadChapter 8: Regarding Manners and Character
Umm MuhammadChapter 9: Regarding Deeds and Worship
Umm MuhammadChapter 10: The Prophet’s Supplication
Umm MuhammadConclusion
Umm MuhammadClosing Credits

Focusing on the personality of Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and his global mission, this book acquaints the reader with the man who is loved so much by some and misunderstood so much by others. It addresses questions such as:

  • “Was he really a prophet?”
  • “What did he teach?”
  • “Did he live up to his claims?”
  • “Did he encourage war and terrorism?”



  • Foreword
  • General Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Transparent Personality
  • Chapter 2: Before Prophethood
  • Chapter 3: The Makkan Period
  • Chapter 4: The Madinan Period
  • Chapter 5: End of the Madinan Period
  • Chapter 6: Aspects of the Prophet’s Sunnah
  • Chapter 7: In the Realm of Belief
  • Chapter 8: Regarding Manners and Character
  • Chapter 9: Regarding Deeds and Worship
  • Chapter 10: The Prophet’s Supplication
  • Conclusion

About the Author

Umm Muhammad is an Islamic author who is well known across the globe. Hailing from southern California, she grew up in a family of atheists but became a Muslim after her open minded study of Arabic and Islam. Her works number over eighty including one of the most widely circulated English translations of the Qur’aan, a collaborative effort with other writers under the brand Saheeh International.

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