The Qur’an: An Eternal Challenge

Adil SalahiTranslator's Introduction
Muhammad A. DrazAuthor's Introduction
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 1: The Qur’an, its Definition and How it Differs from Hadith
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 2: The Source of the Qur’an; Divine Text, Divine Meaning
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 3: The Prophecies of the Qur’an
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 4: Muhammad's Teacher
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 5: A Source Beyond Man’s World
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 6: The Qur'an, A Literary Miracle
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 7: The Secret of the Qur’anic Miracle
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 8: Surpassing Excellence in Every Passage
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 9: Broadest Meaning, Minimum Wording
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 10; The Unity of Each Surah
Muhammad A. DrazChapter 11: The Semantic Design of the Longest Surah

Muslim scholars have argued that only God could author a book such as the Qur’aan and that Muhammad ﷺ could have never produced anything like it. Does the Qur’aan indeed stand out as as a divine work, surpassing all products of the human mind?

This audiobook is unique in its approach to the issue of the Qur’aan’s authenticity. While this objective has been attempted by several Muslim scholars who highlighted one aspect of it or another, Dr. Draz’s work is perhaps the first that relies totally on the merits of the Qur’anic text itself for irrefutable proof.

The author discusses the claims made at the time of the Prophet and later which suggested that the Qur’an was taught to Muhammad by various teachers, and demonstrates how they all collapse at the first test. Subsequently, he goes on to analyze the Qur’anic style, showing how it combines merits that could never be found together in any human writing. Equipped with a profound literary sense, Dr. Draz discusses the main characteristics of the Qur’anic style, as well as the unity of theme that runs through each chapter, or surah.

This remarkable work, which includes a thematic commentary on Soorah al-Baqarah, is now presented to English speakers in audiobook form providing sincere students of the Qur’an valuable insight and enabling them to better understand and appreciate the Qur’an, God willing.



  • Translator’s Introduction
    • About the Book and its Author
    • Postscript
  • Author’s Introduction
    • Preface
    • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Qur’an Its Definition and How It Differs from Hadith
  • Chapter 2: The Source of the Qur’an: Divine Text, Divine Meaning
  • Chapter 3: The Prophecies of the Qur’an
    • Certainty of the Future
    • A Challenge to All Mankind
    • Guaranteed Protection
    • Promises for the Future
    • Future Events Involving the Unbelievers
  • Chapter 4: Muhammad’s Teacher ﷺ
    • Refuting Absurdity
    • The Honour Conferred
    • A Worthless, False Allegation
  • Chapter 5: A Source Beyond Man’s World
    • The Way Revelation is Given
    • An External Source
    • A Prelude to the Study of a Unique Book
  • Chapter 6: The Qur’an: A Literary Miracle
    • Aspirations Shattered
    • A Work of Inimitable Merit
    • Anyone to Take up the Challenge?
    • New Material from Old Fabric
    • Miraculous Even to the Message Preacher
    • The Prophet’s Superior Literary Style
  • Chapter 7: The Secret of the Qur’anic Miracle
    • The Inimitability of the Qur’anic Style
  • Chapter 8: Surpassing Excellence in Every Passage
    • Concise but fully expressive
    • Addressing the general public or select groups
    • Logical conviction and emotional satisfaction
    • General and clear
    • One Example of the Qur’anic Style
    • Decisive Refutation of Counter Arguments
  • Chapter 9: Broadest Meaning, Minimum Wording
    • Implicit Meanings in Abundance
    • A Difficult Approach Made Easy
  • Chapter 10: The Unity of Each Surah
    • Final Arrangement Made Far in Advance
    • Planning the Whole Prior to Receiving the Parts
    • An Arrangement Pointing Out the Author
    • Perfect Unity of Whole and Part
    • The Details and the Whole in the Qur’anic Picture
    • The Wrong Way to Look for Harmony
  • Chapter 11: The Semantic Design of the Longest Surah
    • The Objectives of Surah al-Baqarah and its Sections
    • The Introduction
    • Perfect Unity of Whole and Part
    • The Main Islamic Beliefs
    • People’s Attitudes towards the Qur’an
    • Address to the Jews
      • The History of the Jews
      • The Jews in Madinah at the Dawn of Islam
      • An Account of Believers Since Abraham
      • The Muslims at the Time of the Prophet ﷺ
    • Strengthening Believers’ Resolve
    • The Creator and the Legislator
    • An Index of Legislation
    • The Third Purpose of the Surah
    • Righteousness and Patience in Adversity
    • A Relaxing Passage
    • To Honour Promises and Covenants
    • An Abrupt or a Prepared Switch?
    • Striving for God’s Cause
    • A Higher Level than Faith

About the Author

Shaykh Muhammad Abdullah Draz (1894-1958 رحمه الله) was a prominent Egyptian scholar of the Qur’aan and a Professor of Islamic studies at al-Azhar University.

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