The True Message of Jesus Christ

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Bilal PhilipsIntroduction
Bilal Philips1 The Scriptures
Bilal Philips2 Jesus, the Person
Bilal Philips3 The Message
Bilal Philips4 The Way
Bilal PhilipsConclusion
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For nearly twenty centuries, Jesus Christ has been the dominant figure in the history of Western culture. But who was Jesus of Nazareth? Was he God, Son of God, Son of Mary, a prophet of God or a mythical figure that never existed? As followers of Christ, how do we comprehend the reality of his mission and message?

This audiobook presents an objective and analytical examination of the life of Jesus based on revealed scriptures and supported by references from major Western scholarly texts. It offers a precise, yet scholarly and comprehensive analysis of the person, mission and message of Jesus Christ.

Coming from a Christian background and holding a PhD in Theology from Saint David’s College (University of Wales), the author is well-placed to guide the sincere Christian through a process of questioning, critical thinking and drawing logical conclusions based on established facts.



  • Chapter 1: The Scriptures

    • Authentic Manuscripts
    • Versions of the English Bible
    • Authorship
    • Contradictions
    • Scriptural Criticism
    • Contradictions in the Quran
  • Chapter 2: Jesus, the Person

    • A Messenger
    • A Man
    • An Immaculate Conception
    • The Miracles
    • Evidence for Jesus’s Divinity
    • Ancient Thoughts
    • Modern Thoughts
  • Chapter 3: The Message

    • Submission to God
    • The Law
    • Unitarianism
    • Muslim, not Mohammedan
    • Images
    • Prophecy
  • Chapter 4: The Way

    • Jesus’s Way
    • Circumcision
    • Pork
    • Blood
    • Alcohol
    • Ablution Before Prayer
    • Prostration
    • Veiling
    • Greeting
    • Compulsory Charity
    • Fasting
    • Interest
    • Polygamy
  • Conclusion

    • Jesus’s Return
    • Summary

About the Author

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is a Jamaican Canadian Islamic Scholar who accepted Islam after journeying politically and intellectually from Christianity and Communism. His desire to seek in-depth knowledge has taken him to Madinah, Riyadh and the UK, where he completed his BA, MA and PhD in Islamic Theology. Considered one of the most influential English-speaking scholars today, he is the founder and chancellor of the International Open University which has had over 270,000 students from 228 countries.

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