Towards Understanding Islam

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Mawdudi’s classic primer on Islam and how it transforms a person’s life. It gives a comprehensive view of what Islam is for a meaningful and spiritually rewarding journey through this life. In addition, the author tries to explain the rational bases of Islamic beliefs and unveil the wisdom behind the Islamic modes of worship and way of life. Its aim is to satisfy the intellectual cravings of the Muslim youth and help non-Muslims come closer to understanding the Islamic worldview.

This audiobook is a special revised edition of this book having been edited to ensure the accuracy of its content.



  • Chapter 1: The Meaning of Islam
    • Islam — What does it Mean?
    • The Nature of Disbelief
    • The Blessings of Islam
  • Chapter 2: Faith and Obedience
    • Faith — What does it Mean?
    • How to Acquire the Knowledge of God?
    • Faith in the Unknown
  • Chapter 3: Prophethood
    • Prophethood: Its Nature and Necessity
    • Brief History of Prophethood
    • The Prophethood of Muhammad
    • Muhammad’s Prophethood: A Rational Vindication
    • Arabia, the Abyss of Darkness
    • The Saviour is Born
    • Diamond in a Heap of Stones
    • A Revolution Comes
    • Why all that Enmity?
    • A Changed Man at Forty — Why?
    • His All-embracing Message
    • His Contribution to Human Thought
    • The Greatest Revolutionary
    • The Final Testimony
    • The Finality of Prophethood
  • Chapter 4: The Articles of Faith
    • Tawheed: Faith in the Unique Oneness of God
    • The Meaning of the Shahaadah
    • Effects of Tawheed on Human Life
    • Belief in God’s Angels
    • Faith in the Books of God
    • Faith in God’s Prophets
    • Belief in Life after Death
    • The Need for this Belief
    • Life After Death: A Rational Vindication
  • Chapter 5: Prayer and Worship
    • The Spirit of ‘Ibaadah or Worship
    • Salaah
    • Fasting
    • Zakaah
    • Hajj or Pilgrimage
    • Defence of Islam
    • Jihaad
  • Chapter 6: Deen and Sharee’ah
    • Distinction between Deen and Sharee’ah
    • The Sources of Sharee’ah
    • Fiqh
  • Chapter 7: The Principles of the Sharee’ah
    • The Sharee’ah: Its Nature and Purport
    • The Shari’ah: Rights and Obligations
      • The Rights of God
      • The Rights of One’s Own Self
      • The Rights of Other People
      • The Rights of All Creatures
    • The Sharee’ah: The Universal and Eternal Law

About the Author

Abul A’la Mawdudi was a prolific Islamic writer who sought to revive Islam and bring about social and political progress in Pakistan. He was the first recipient of the King Faisal International Award for service to Islam.

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