We love Islam and books, and we believe that lack of time or money should not be barriers preventing you from enjoying your favourite Islamic books whenever and wherever you need to.

Islamic audiobooks allow that freedom.

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Our Story

We live in an increasingly fast paced world.

Acquiring knowledge is the duty of every Muslim throughout his or her life. However, for many folks nowadays juggling work, family and social commitments, this is becoming a lot tougher. The sheer scope and depth of Islamic scholarship is unmatched by any other faith, and yet the amount of time that we tend to get for reading and studying these jewels of knowledge sadly reduces by the day.

However, authentic Islamic audiobooks in English authored by knowledgeable and practising Muslims are not easy to find as you can see from the selection available at Audible. In fact, it could even be argued that they hardly exist at all! With this in mind, we launched Islamic Audiobooks Central.

Our audiobooks are platform independent and optimised for all common devices – mobile phones, tablets and computers. You can therefore listen to, enjoy and learn whether at home or on the go. Our aim is to provide top quality, authentic and professionally narrated Islamic audiobooks in English so you can learn first hand what Islam’s true sources contain without having to disrupt your normal routine.

We have a kick-off plan to record around a few dozen books covering the major Islamic genres, such as Aqeedah (beliefs), Fiqh (Islamic Law), Islamic History and the Seerah, Qur’aan and Tafseer, Hadeeth and Sunnah, Islamic Education, Children’s books and Islamic Fiction for both adults and children. However, we are prioritizing da’wah books since they are relevant to the widest audience being aimed at non-Muslims and Muslims alike.

Our ultimate goal, after Allaah’s pleasure and His reward, is to reach the point where we can release several Islamic audiobooks every month inshaaAllaah.

Our History


Humble Beginnings

Launch of Islamic Audiobooks Forum, the first ever website dedicated to creating and promoting Islamic audio books.

Early publications
Islamic Audiobooks Forum - Publications

Released a few volunteer produced Islamic audiobooks.

New startup

Incorporation of The Islamic Audiobook Company Limited, our parent company.

Whole new level

New website online with curated content.

Brand change

Islamic Audiobooks Forum becomes Islamic Audiobooks Central.

Brave new world

Islamic Audiobooks Central enters the world of publishing and begins to release professionally produced Islamic audiobooks on major platforms and distribution channels.

Thrusters at Maximum!

Islamic Audiobooks Central’s audiobooks are streamed more than fifty thousand times across over a dozen distribution channels!

Three Women in One Kingdom

Islamic Audiobooks Central releases its longest duration books so far written by a world-renowned, American all-female team in the KSA! The authors are more well known by their brand Saheeh International whose English translation of the Quran is found in da’wah stalls everywhere.

Warp Drive Activated!

Our audiobooks are streamed/downloaded more than 150,000 times across over forty distribution channels! (This number excludes plays on our own website)

The Future: Great Expectations?

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