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Get in touch with us on any of the following open source private messengers or by dropping us an email using the contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible inshaaAllaah.

New Way

Do you love to use new tech that ensures freedom and privacy for the ummah? Use any of these FOSS apps* to send us a secure message.


  1. Get the Element app for Matrix
  2. Connect with us


  1. Get the SimpleX app
  2. Connect with us


  1. Get the Session app
  2. Our Session ID: 0534226ad8547b6cf4c865bd1a10a067c333eab8f5aff86f4c771c0c1ccb397870

* The apps above are Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) so their code is publicly accessible for auditing.

This means that unlike closed source software (like Zionist Meta’s WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger, Israeli Viber, Chinese Zoom…), open source apps cannot secretly do illegal surveillance/tracking, data harvesting, access your private messages/photos and abuse the trust and safety of their users.

Old Way

Do you prefer tried and tested tech instead? Send us an email using this form:

Want to exchange secure and private emails with your contacts that even Gmail can’t read? The easiest way is to use the security-audited Delta Chat email app!

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