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For the past decade, audiobooks have been the fastest growing segment in the entire book publishing industry!

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Our listeners enjoy audiobooks streamed to their device of choice: mobile phones, tablets, computers and more. Audiobooks can be listened to in the car while stuck in traffic, at the gym, while shopping, doing housework, while waiting in queues and countless other situations where reading a printed book is not practical. The audiobook segment caters to people who love to read as well as those who are not so fond of reading. It caters to people who may have vision impairment and also to those who can and want to read but cannot always find time to do enough of it.

Islamic Audiobooks Central is an established, independent publisher and distributor of audiobooks. We have been working with audiobooks for over a decade and publish both non-fiction and fiction audiobooks for all ages in English. Audiobooks published by us have been streamed/downloaded more than 178,789 times* across over a dozen distribution channels. Our distribution partners include major names in the audiobook industry like Google Play Books, Apple Books, Spotify, Audible/Amazon, Kobo, Nook,, Scribd, Booktopia and in addition to public libraries in several countries. Books that interest us are those that have Islamic themes and reflect Islamic values.

*Updated: May 2022.

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If accepted, your audiobook will be produced, published and distributed by us at absolutely no cost to you.

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Your audio book will provide maximum exposure for you AND your book, by opening up your work to a whole new audience.

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Your book will be read aloud by a golden-voiced narrator, recorded in a professionally designed, acoustically perfect studio, using state-of-art microphones and recording equipment.

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