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You’ve arrived here because you value this project and reward behind it. Today’s rapidly changing world is leaving people dazed and spiritually starved. We believe that Islam is the only compass which is able to navigate the complex modern world successfully. Our approach considers contemporary contexts for empowering Muslims by creating uncompromising orthodox narratives and providing clarity.

Islamic Audiobooks Central aims to builds knowledgeable, confident and productive Muslims through professionally produced authentic digital media. However, for us to continue funding our work, paying our freelancers and progressing with our future plans of serving the ummah, we need (after Allaah’s help) YOUR SUPPORT. Help us continue operating Islamic Audiobooks Central by making a donation. Become a regular supporter or give one-off.

  • $60/month contributes towards Islamic Audiobook Central’s website servers.
  • $200/month provides us with graphic design services.
  • $1854/month helps us to publish one medium length audiobook.
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Who is behind this project?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is more correct — audiobook or audio book?

Industry professionals and regular end users both refer to this type of media as “audiobook”, not “audio book”. The Audio Publishers Association (APA) and AudioFile Magazine both use the word audiobook. ... The word word “audiobook” is also found spelt as a single word in English dictionaries.

How can I play the audiobooks on my device?

The audiobooks available on our website can be played on any device, computer, phone or tablet as long as you are using a supported browser like Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome and have an active internet connection.

You do not need any special software besides any of the above three supported browsers. Just ensure that you are running the latest version of your browser.

Who is behind this project?

The main people behind Islamic Audiobooks Central is a dedicated husband and wife team ❤️ who try to support and grow this project with the family income. Both of them have degrees in Islamic Studies from well-known Islamic universities and teach at their local masjids.

Crowdfund the Audiobooks You Want!

You can also donate towards particular books that you wish to be made into audiobooks. Please see our Sponsored Audiobook Scheme to see how.

If there’s a particular title you’re after, please drop us an email about it using the contact form.

Contribute in Other Ways
There are many ways in which you can help to the project and contribute towards its growth. Some of these ways are:

  1. donating,
  2. crowdfunding new audiobooks,
  3. following our channels on social media*,
  4. sharing our posts and videos,
  5. commenting on social media post and videos,
  6. recommending to us good titles for new Islamic audiobooks,
  7. reviewing our audiobooks on Goodreads, blogs/websites, YouTube, newspapers and periodicals,
  8. volunteering your knowledge and skills, e.g., proofreading, graphic design, video production, marketing, etc.,
  9. telling your family and friends about it, and most importantly
  10. making du’aa for our success.

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Your support will be highly appreciated.

Jazaakumullaahu khairan. May Allaah reward you for your support and contribution in this life and the next.

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