Did God Become Man?

Bilal PhilipsOpening Credits
Bilal Philips1 Belief in God
Bilal Philips2 The Gods
Bilal Philips3 Man is God
Bilal Philips4 God Becomes His Creatures
Bilal Philips5 God Becomes One Man
Bilal Philips6 Men Become God
Bilal Philips7 Why?
Bilal Philips8 Did God Become Man?
Bilal Philips9 Can Man Become God?
Bilal Philips10 Did God Have a Son?
Bilal PhilipsEnd Credits

Although the vast majority of human beings have always believed in the universe having a creator, concepts of God vary greatly among them today. For many people, important questions remain unresolved such as: Are religions divine in origin or man made? Can God really do “all things” like some scriptures claim? Could He create a rock too heavy for Him to lift? Who created the Creator and did God become man?

In this audiobook, Jamaican-born scholar Dr. Bilal Philips uses the light of reason to examine and challenge popular concepts of God in major world religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.



  • Belief in God
  • The Gods
  • Man is God
  • God Becomes His Creatures
  • God Becomes One Man
  • Men Become God
  • Why?
  • Did God Become Man?
  • Can Man Become God?
  • Did God Have a Son?

About the Author

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is a Jamaican Canadian Islamic Scholar who accepted Islam after journeying politically and intellectually from Christianity to Communism. His desire to seek in-depth knowledge has taken him to Madinah, Riyadh and the UK, where he completed his BA, MA and PhD in Islamic Theology. Considered one of the most influential English-speaking scholars today, he is the founder and chancellor of the International Open University with over 100,000 students from 207 countries.

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