Jesus, the Messiah

Abdullah al-BaderJesus, the Messiah


  • believing in the Prophethood of Jesus and his miracles is a fundamental aspect of the Muslim faith?
  • Jesus’ name is mentioned 25 times in the Glorious Qur’an?
  • Mary is one of the most revered women in Islam?
  • Muslims name their children after Jesus due to their love and respect for him?
  • Muslims await the second coming of Jesus at the end of time to bring justice and peace to the world?


  1. Prophethood: To convey the divine message
  2. The Virgin Mary
  3. The status of Jesus in Islam
  4. Frequently asked questions about God, the Bible and Jesus
  5. A journey into Islam

About the Author

Abdullah al-Bader is a pharmacist from Kuwait who is passionate about sharing the universal message of Islam with humanity.

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