God in Christianity… What is His Nature?

Naji ArfajGod in Christianity... What is His Nature?

Every seeker of the truth who has spent many years in observation, research and comparative study, will acknowledge that many Christians base their beliefs and judgments on weak, sandy foundations, rather than on the solid foundation of rock that Jesus recommended. This book highlights some long-noticed, major differences between what is commonly and officially understood about God in Christianity, and what the Bible itself states!


  1. The nature of God in Christianity
  2. Is God one or three?
  3. Is Jesus God or part of God?
  4. Are Jesus and God equal?
  5. Is Jesus ason of man or son of God?
  6. Who was Jesus?

About the Author

Dr. Naji Arfaj attended Michigan State University, USA and completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics in 1995. He spent more than 20 years researching comparative religion. His popular book Have You Discovered its Real Beauty? came about as a result of his extensive research and experience.

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