When the Moon Split

Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 1 - The Early Life of Allaah's Messenger
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 2 - As a Young Adult until Prophethood
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 3 - Revelation and the First Phase of Prophethood
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 4 - The Beginning of the Open Call to Islam
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 5 - Persecution of the Muslims Begins
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 6 - Migration to Abyssinia
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 7 - Hamzah and Umar Enter Islam
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 8 - The Quraish Attempt to Negotiate with Allaah's Messenger
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 9 - The Boycott
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 10 - The Year of Sorrow and the Prophet’s Visit to Ta’if
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 11 - The Israa and the Mi'raaj
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 12 - Six Pilgrims from Yathrib
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 13 - Hjirah to Madinah
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 14 - Life in Madinah after the Hjirah
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 15 - Legislation of Jihad
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 16 - The Great Battle of Badr
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 17 - The Time between the Battle of Badr and the Battle of Uhud
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 18 - The Battle of Uhud
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 19 - After the Battle of Uhud
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 20 - The Battle of the Trench
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 21 - After the Battle of the Trench
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 22 - The Treaty of Hudaybiah
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 23 - Invitation to King and Rulers
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 24 - The Battle of Khaybar
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 25 - After Khaybar
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 26 - The Conquest of Makkah
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 27 - The Battles of Hunayn and Ta'if
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 28 - The Expedition of Tabook
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 29 - Return from Tabook
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 30 - The Year of the Delegations
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 31 - The Farewell Hajj
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 32 - The Death of Allaah's Messenger
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriChapter 33 - The Prophet's Family and his Description
Safiur Rahman MubarakpuriConclusion

‘When the Moon Split’ is a beautiful yet accessible account of the life and times of our beloved Prophet Muhammad صلی الله علیه وآلهِ وسلم in which you will learn about how he got chosen by Allaah, how he responded to the call and how he spread the message of Islam throughout the world while facing all the challenges and hardships along the way.

It was written by renowned Indian scholar Shaykh Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri who also authored the more detailed book, The Sealed Nectar which won the Muslim World League competition for best seerah work.



  • Chapter 1: Early life of Rasulullah ﷺ
    • The Prophet Muhammad’s Ancestors
    • The Prophet’s tribe
    • Lineage
    • Muhammad ﷺ is born
    • Foster Brothers
    • In the care of Haleemah Sa’diya
    • Haleemah’s house is unexpectedly blessed
    • Haleemah asks to keep Muhammad ﷺ longer
    • Muhammad’s chest is opened
    • Muhammad’s time with his mother
    • A grandfather’s affection
    • Under his uncle’s care
    • Bahira’s warning
  • Chapter 2: Rasulullah ﷺ as a Young Adult until Prophethood
    • The battle of Fijar
    • Hilf Al-Fudool
    • Choosing a profession
    • Journey to Syria on business for Khadeejah
    • Marriage to Khadeejah
    • Dispute over the Black Stone
    • Muhammad’s character before prophethood
    • Rasulullah as a young Adult until prophethood
    • Prelude to Prophethood
  • Chapter 3: Revelation and the First Phase of Prophethood
    • The first revelation
    • Revelation and the first phase of prophethood
    • A hiatus
    • The mission begins
    • The first believers
    • Worship and training of the believers
  • Chapter 4: The Beginning of the Open call to Islam
    • Open propagation of Islam
    • A warning from atop Mount Safa
    • The Quraysh warn pilgrims
    • Various strategies against Islam
    • Ridicule, contempt and mockery
    • Diversions
    • Propaganda
    • Argument and quibbling
  • Chapter 5: Persecution of the Muslims Begins
    • Persecution begins
    • Polytheists avoid openly abusing the Prophet ﷺ
    • Talks between Abu Talib and the Quraysh
    • The Quraysh challenge Abu Talib
    • The Quraysh make Abu Talib a strange proposal
    • Persecution of the Prophet ﷺ
    • Dar Al-Arqam
  • Chapter 6: Hjirah to Abyssinia
    • Migration to Abyssinia
    • Polytheists prostrate along with Muslims
    • Return of the immigrants
    • Second migration to Abyssinia
    • Quraysh attempt to extradite Muslims
    • Polytheists are outraged
    • More persecution of the Prophet ﷺ
  • Chapter 7: Hamzah and Umar Enter Islam
    • Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib embraces Islam
    • Umar bin Al-Khattab accepts Islam
    • The polytheists react to Umar’s conversion
    • Umar’s conversion strengthens Islam
  • Chapter 8: The Quraish Attempt to Negotiate with Rasulullah ﷺ
    • An offer no ordinary man could refuse
    • Bargaining and renunciation
    • Hastening on the punishment
  • Chapter 9: The Boycott
    • Total boycott
    • Boycott ends
    • The Quraysh petition Abu Talib
  • Chapter 10: The Year of Sorrow and the Prophet’s Visit to Ta’if
    • The year of sorrow
    • Khadeejah dies
    • Sorrow after sorrow
    • The Prophet ﷺ marries Saudah and then Aishah
    • The Prophet ﷺ journeys to Ta’if
    • The polytheists demand a sign
    • The moon splits in half
  • Chapter 11: The Israa and the Mi’raaj
    • The Night Journey and Ascension
    • Various tribes are invited to Islam
  • Chapter 12: Six Pilgrims from Yathrib
    • Seeds of faith sprout outside Makkah
    • Suwayd bin Samit, Ayas bin Mu’adh, Abu Dhar Ghifari, Tufayl bin Amr Dausi, Dhimad Azdi
    • Six pilgrims from Yathrib
    • First pledge of Aqabah
    • Islam spreads in Yathrib
    • The second pledge of Aqabah
    • Twelve chiefs
  • Chapter 13: Hijrah to Madinah
    • The Muslims migrate to Madinah
    • The council of Dar al-Nadwah
    • Jibreel brings the Prophet ﷺ happy news
    • The Prophet ﷺ leaves home
    • Three nights in the cave
    • On the way to Madinah
    • Arrival in Qubaa
    • The Prophet ﷺ enters Madinah
    • Ali migrates
    • The Prophet’s family migrates
    • Suhayb migrates
    • Muslims in Makkah
  • Chapter 14: Life in Madinah after the Hijrah
    • Difficulties in Madinah
    • The Prophet’s Mosque
    • The call to prayer
    • Brotherhood between the Muhajireen and the Ansar
    • Islamic community
    • The Quraysh test the Muslims’ resolve
  • Chapter 15: Legislation of Jihad
    • Permission to fight
    • Military expeditions (Saraya and Ghazawat)
    • A new Qiblah
  • Chapter 16: The Great Battle of Badr
    • The Battle of Badr
    • Challenge to single combat
    • The Battle of Badr begins
    • Abu Jahl killed
    • Day of Distinction
    • News of Badr reaches Makkah and Madinah
    • Return to Madinah
    • The captives
    • Ruqayyah dies and Uthman marries Umm Kulthoom
  • Chapter 17: The Time between the Battle of Badr and the Battle of Uhud
    • Events after Badr
    • Expedition against Banu Qaynuqa
    • Expedition of Saweeq
    • Ka‘b bin Ashraf is killed
    • The Sariyya of Qardah
  • Chapter 18: The Battle of Uhud
    • The battle of uhud
    • Fighting begins
    • The Prophet ﷺ is rumored dead
    • Plight of the encircled Muslims
    • In the ravine
    • Dialogue and resolution
    • The Muslims tend to their own
    • Back to Madinah
    • The expedition of Hamra Al-Asad
  • Chapter 19: After the Battle of Uhud
    • Incidents and expeditions
    • The incident of Raj’i
    • The tragedy at Bir Ma‘una
    • Expedition against Banu Nadir
    • An appointment at Badr
  • Chapter 20: The Battle of the Trench
    • The Battle of the Trench
    • Digging the trench
    • Across the trench
    • Banu Quraydha’s treachery
    • The coalition splits and the battle ends
    • Battle of Banu Quraydha
  • Chapter 21: After the Battle of the Trench
    • Abu Rafi Sallam Bin Abul Huqayq is killed
    • The chief of Yamamah is captured
    • Expedition of Banu Lihyan
    • Abul Aas accepts Islam
    • The expedition of Banu Al-Mustaliq or Muraysi
    • The slander against Aishah, Mother of the believers
  • Chapter 22: The Treaty of Hudaybia
    • Departure for Umrah and arrival at Hudaybia
    • Negotiations between the Prophet ﷺ and the Quraysh
    • Uthman’s mission and the pledge of Ridwan
    • A treaty is concluded
    • The Muslims’ dejection over the truce
    • The issue of Muhajir women
    • The Muslims in Makkah are freed
    • Effects of the truce
    • The Prophet’s letters to Monarchs and Potentates
  • Chapter: 23 Invitation to King and Rulers
    • Letter to the king of Abyssinia
    • Letter to Muqauqis, king of Alexandria and Egypt
    • Letter to Chosroes (Khusro Pervez), the king of Persia
    • Letter to the Roman Emperor
    • Letter to Harith bin Abu Shammar Ghassani
    • Letter to the Amir of Basra is intercepted
    • Letter to Haudha Bin Ali, chief of Yamamah
    • Letter to the ruler of Bahrain
    • Letter to the rules of Oman
    • Expedition of Ghaba or Dhu Qarad
  • Chapter 24: The Battle of Khaybar
    • Conquest of Khaybar
    • The emigrants of Abyssinia return
    • Division of Khaybar
    • The Prophet is poisoned
    • Surrender of the people of Fadak
    • Wadi Al-Qura
    • Reconciliation with the people of Taymaa
    • The Prophet ﷺ marries Safiyah
    • The expedition of Dhat Al-Riqa
  • Chapter: 25 After Khaybar
    • Who will save you now?
    • Umrah is finally performed
    • The expedition to Muta
    • The Mission to Dhat Al-Salasil
  • Chapter 26: The Conquest of Makkah
    • The battle for Makkah
    • On the way to Makkah
    • Abu Sufyan appears before the Prophet ﷺ
    • The Prophet ﷺ enters Makkah
    • The Ka’bah is purified
    • Have no fear this day
    • The Quraysh pledge allegiance
    • Death for criminals
    • Prayer of victory
    • Bilal calls the Adhan from the Ka’bah
    • The Prophet ﷺ in Makkah
    • Uzza, Suwa and Manah are destroyed
    • Khalid is sent to Banu Judhayma
  • Chapter: 27 The battle of Hunayn and Taif
    • Battle of Hunayn
    • The polytheists take flight
    • The battle of Ta’if
    • The spoils of war
    • The Ansar’s Complaint
    • Banu Hawazen petition the Prophet
    • The Umrah of Je‘rana
  • Chapter 28: The Expedition of Tabook
    • Banu Tameem enter Islam
    • Mission against Banu Tai
    • The Muslims prepare to meet the Romans
    • The expedition to Tabuk
    • Twenty days in Tabuk
    • Ukaydir is captured
    • Return to Madinah
  • Chapter 29: Return from Tabook
    • Demolition of the Hypocrites’ Mosque
    • The Prophet ﷺ is welcomed back
    • The case of those who stayed behind
    • The Prophet ﷺ mourns three deaths
    • Ghazawat
    • Abu Bakr performs Hajj
  • Chapter 30: The Year of the Delegations
    • The year of delegations
    • The delegation of Banu Abdul Qays
    • Damam bin Tha‘laba interrogates the Prophet ﷺ
    • The delegations of Adhra and Bala
    • The delegation of Banu Asad bin Khuzaymah
    • The delegation of Tujib
    • The delegation of Banu Fazara
    • The delegation from Najraan
    • The delegation from Ta’if
    • The delegation of Banu Amir bin Sa‘sa‘a
    • The delegation of Banu Haneefa
    • The kings of Hamir send an envoy
    • The delegation of Hamdaan
    • The delegation of Banu Abdul Madan
    • Banu Mazhaj accept Islam
    • The delegation of Azd Shanwah
    • Dhul Khalasa is destroyed
    • The rise and fall of Aswad Ansi
  • Chapter 31: The Farewell Hajj
    • Hajjatul –Wada’: The Farewell Pilgrimage
    • Expedition to Palestine
  • Chapter 32: Death of Rasulullah ﷺ
    • Signs of the Prophet’s imminent death
    • The Prophet ﷺ falls ill
    • Covenant and counseling
    • Abu Bakr leads Prayer
    • All for charity
    • The Prophet’s death draws near
    • The Prophet dies
    • Abu Bakr unites the Mourners
    • Abu Bakr chosen as Khalifah
    • Funeral rites and burial
  • Chapter 33: The Family of Rasulullah and his description
    • Mothers of the believers
      • 1) Khadeejah bint Khuwaylid
      • 2) Saudah bint Zam’a
      • 3) Aishah Siddeeqah bint Abu Bakr Siddeeq
      • 4) Hafsah bint Umar bin Khattab
      • 5) Zaynab bint Khuzaymah
      • 6) Umm Salamah, or Hind bint Abu Umayyah
      • 7) Zaynab bint Jahsh bin Riqab
      • 8) Juwayriyah bint Al-Harith
      • 9) Umm Habeebah, or Ramla bint Abi Sufyan
      • 10) Safiyah bint Huyayy bin Akhtab
      • 11) Maymoona bint Harith Hilaliya
    • The Prophet’s children
      • 1) Qasim
      • 2) Zaynab
      • 3) Ruqayyah
      • 4) Umm Kulthoom
      • 5) Fatimah
      • 6) Abdullah
      • 7) Ibraheem
    • The Prophet’s features and character
      • The Prophet’s face
      • Head, neck and hair
      • Limbs
      • Build and stature
      • Fragrance
      • The Prophet’s gait
      • Voice and speech
      • Character
  • Conclusion

About the Author

Shaykh Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri is a renowned scholar of Hadeeth from India who authored several works of seerah and hadeeth.

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