The Islamic Way of Life


A unique, concise exposition of the Islamic world-view and its moral, political, economic, social and spiritual teachings.

This audiobook is the reading of a special revised edition of this book whose editing was undertaken by the Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance under the supervision of the Saudi Arabian Daar-ul-Iftaa’.



  • Preface to the Revised Edition (1991)
  • Preface to the Previous Edition (1967)
  • Chapter 1: Islamic Concept of Life
    • Basic Postulates
    • Eemaan (Faith): Its Nature and Character
    • The Plan of Life
    • Virtues
    • Vices
    • Some other Characteristics
  • Chapter 2: The Moral System of Islam
    • Why Differences?
    • Islamic Concept of Life and Morality
    • Goal of Moral Striving
    • Sanction behind Morality
    • Motives and Incentives
    • Distinctive Feature of the Islamic Moral Order
  • Chapter 3: Essential Features of the Islamic Political System
    • Purpose of the Islamic State
    • Fundamental Rights
    • Executive and Legislative
  • Chapter 4: The Islamic Social Order
    • Equality of Mankind
    • The Institution of Family, Relatives and Neighbours
  • Chapter 5: Economic Principles
    • Right of Property
    • The Problem of Equality
    • Social Justice
    • Obligations and Restrictions
  • Chapter 6: The Spiritual System of Islam
    • Body-Soul Conflict
    • Criterion of Moral Development
    • Road to Spirituality

About the Author

Abul A’la Mawdudi was a prolific Islamic writer who sought to revive Islam and bring about social and political progress in Pakistan. He was the first recipient of the King Faisal International Award for service to Islam.

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